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Acco Teck Offers Expertize in Water Proofing Solutions.     Also offers solutions in Plumbing, Painting, Tiling and Civil Construction services         

Acco Teck Enginners - Services
o We are Experts in providing
    o Water Proofing Solutions
    o Water Proofing Services
  Specifics in Water Proofing Area
  We continuously strive to improve our services and quality as a result of our in house research in best practices, quality products & solutions. We offer some in house solutions which are of industry standards quality and are available at value pricing. These products are currently available in following areas of water proofing : Acrylic cementatious coating and Liquid Paste Rubber Polyurethane Membrane
o Also Provide Solutions In
    o Plumbing
    o Tiling
    o Painting
    o Civil Construction, Interior works
    o False Ceiling and Aluminium Fabrication works
Our Customers Include
   => Builders, Infra companies, Apartment Complexes, Individual houses.
  We also undertake AMCs for Civil Maintenance of Apartments and Buildings.
Reach us at: sales@accoteck.com